Monday, March 5, 2012

New cosmetic product [Etude House]

Salam ~
Annyeonghaseyo ~

SHAWOLS doubtless know our shining SHINee become model for new cosmetic product from Etude House (EH) right?? So , I'm totally excited to buy it :D So, I decided to grab it today and I go BTS (Berjaya Time Square) alone! Alone ok!?? It's totally looked me as dumb person! But, who cares?? I don't care they said me lonely and look dumb because I get SHINee folder and next week I'll come again to grab lip balm Shini star + free give over RM30 (folder, diary, and autograph) HAHAHA :D

Yeahhhhh!!! I already grab it. What you waiting for?? Grab it tomorrow ok!?? 'Cause now mall already closed =.= LOL! >.< So, I got EH Wannabe Moisture Fix Mist for makeup long lasting, Collagen eye patch and free give BB cream and SHINee's folder >.< KYAAAAA ~ Next week I'll come again to grab this

'Cause I have sensitive lips so I crying out for THIS lip balm (just a reason) >.< KKKK ~
So, it's too late now. And I get sleepy ~ Will be continue tomorrow.

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Salam ~
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Anneyonghaseyo ~


  1. nampak macam best! warna-warna dia comel! =)

  2. sis guna BB Cream etude! so suprise! best!

  3. Teyn ; Kan ~ Dgr citer, bau pun best ^^
    Cik JanNah ; Itu free give ^^ try guna , kalau sesuai bole beli ^^

  4. nak jugakk ! *jelly lagy* merong :P

  5. Ieyra Ghani ; Ahha . mehroong :P Datang jumpe unnie dulu baru unnie bagi . Hehehe >.<


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